Santa Claus / REFERENCES

Santa Claus has original tummy, real beard and real mirth, and his dress with the Elfs was made in a prestigious salon.

The children friendly Santa and Elf team will engage participants in company events with magic, bubble and live music shows.

You can also order the Santa Claus to your home on a pre-agreed date.

Our team consists of multilingual pedagogues, we have been working with children's animation for weddings, family and company events for more than 10 years.

Mostly we are happy to go to Budapest and its surroundings, but we are also available for rural inquiries.

Santa Claus program elements can be selected from our website as needed.

We can accept inquiries mainly in writing so that we can answer the questions in detail.

Scheduling dates will begin in the course of the year for larger companies and satisfied customers.

With a professional mobile photography studio, individual photos can be made with Santa and the Elfs at the desired place.

Our reference locations