Welcome to the world of CHILD FRIENDLY WEDDINGS!

If you feel it important that even the youngest ones should have a part at your wedding celebrations, then our programs are designed for you! We provide child sitting services nationwide where besides the well-known programs like bouncy castles, balloon sculpting, face painting, we provide skill and team based games and handicraft activities.

We are the only ones in Hungary who provide the most child-friendly services in more languages than anywhere else.

Our Motto: "Child Friendly Wedding – Where even the youngest ones are celebrated!"

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As a parent I know how hard it is for both me and my children to enjoy a wedding party. If we try to enjoy ourselves, we cannot concentrate on our children, and if we try to take care of the kids, we cannot enjoy the programs. We prepared the services of CHILD FRIENDLY WEDDINGS to make these parties memorable all ages.

CHILD FRIENDLY WEDDINGS is a mobile service. Our children’s conventions are specifically designed group parties that can be tailored to match your organization’s needs. Children are provided with a variety of hands-on activities, interactive games, exciting toys, and creative art projects to keep them entertained for hours. We have a professional team of convention managers who will create and implement a customized, safe, and stress-free children’s program. Many of our professional caregivers possess advanced training, or a teaching certificate, and are professional teachers themselves. They have many years of experience in organizing youth and child programs. We are a professional, child centric group of on-site childcare animators.

Our services range from child sitting for the younger ones to leisure activities for the older children. We can provide secluded “toy corners” for the youngest ones, with appropriate toys for them. For older children we provide opportunities for handicraft activities, board games, film screenings, but we also organize team based games for them, if desired. We also provide competitions, mini concerts, folk dances and folk games. And last but not you can also order our bouncy castles, balloon sculptors, face painters as well.